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Our Intention

At Chthonic Star, our intention is to help you develop or expand your craft with balance-conscious magical tools, supplies, and education to support Full Cycle Witchcraft and Chthonic Grounding.

We offer a safe, inclusive, and welcoming liminal space where you can remove your social mask and explore ways to empower your personal practice without judgment.

Let us help you plant seeds of intention in well-conditioned spiritual soil so you can build or restore an empowered and deeply rooted foundation for your personal practice as a Universal- and Earth-conscious being.

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Get answers to some of the questions you might have along the way.

What is chthonic?

Chthonic, pronounced ka-THÄnik, is based in the Greek word khthon, which means “earth” or “soil” and refers to earthly things and creatures, as well as gods, deities, or spirits, that are associated with being “under” or “beneath the earth.”

This is, literally, the underworld, rich with physical and spiritual testimonial.

Why shop at Chthonic Star?

At Chthonic Star, our intention is to help you develop or expand your craft with balance-conscious magical tools, supplies, and education to support chthonic grounding.

Our goal is to encourage practitioners to make environmentally friendly decisions, within their means, as often as they are able, and empower them to be an ever-improving responsible and respectful steward of planetary, energetic, universal, and spiritual power.

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Are your products all natural?

All Chthonic Star branded items (candles, ritual bath blends, bath bombs, incense) are handmade and crafted from all natural and/or organic ingredients, free from phthalates, petroleum and parabens, fillers, synthetic dyes and chemicals (including fragrances), and are cruelty-free.

We strongly believe in the ethical stewardship and wise use of earthly resources through environmentally responsible and eco-conscious witchcraft. As such, it is important for us to improve the environmental impacts of our operations and our offerings year-to-year while helping others find ways to improve the impacts of their personal practices.

We are not here to Greenwash! Unfortunately, and frustratingly, certain items considered essential to magical practices are either unavailable in eco-conscious varieties or, when they are, become prohibitively expensive to the consumer. We strive to tackle these items one by one, finding individuals and companies who can produce sustainable versions of these products at competitive prices, and become an industry standard for how to start, grow, and/or improve the environmental footprints and handprints of pagan/occult operations and practices.

Nature is sacred and we are here to help her heal however we can!

Our Products

Do you accept product submissions or consider collaborations?

If you feel that your product, art, or company resonates with our mission, please get in touch!

We love to meet eco-inspired individuals and are always open to considering products or collaborations that align with our mission and goals.

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Is your store witch-owned?

Yes! Summer Star is a practicing witch in Salem, MA. She has developed her own path of spirituality and magical relationships with the Earth, its creatures, spirits, deities, and other worlds and dimensions and is not defined by any one specific form of practice.

Supported by an education in Conservation Biology, Political Science, Forest Science, and Environmental Policy she blends her magical intuition with technical knowledge of ethical earth stewardship and land use.

Promoting ethical stewardship and use of our finite earthly resources through environmentally responsible and conscious witchcraft, and helping others find ways to improve the impacts of their practice, is a deep purpose of hers.

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Where are you located?

Chthonic Star is currently online-only, operating from Salem, MA. However, we are pursuing a storefront in Salem!

Stay tuned for announcements regarding a brick and mortar location.

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