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Chthonically-inspired Ritual Goods

for Balance-conscious Magic.

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Shop by Category


Featuring prints and illustrations by artists who are inspired by nature, mythology, folklore, chthonic deities, and other realms.

Books & Guides

A wide selection of magical books and guides for beginners, wisdom seekers, collectors, & seasoned practitioners.

Candles & More

100% beeswax handmade candles for spellwork, divination, & decoration as well as a variety of curated accessories.


An assortment of our preferred tarot & oracle decks, crystal pendulums, hand carved rune sets,  carved altar offerings, & more.

Incense & Burners

Eco-conscious, hand blended, & ethically sourced stick and loose incense, non-toxic charcoal, and a selection of burners.

Ritual Bath & Oils

Hand blended in house, in ceremony, using pure essential oils, organic coconut carrier oil, and organic herbal allies whenever feasible.

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Our Ethos

At Chthonic Star, our intention is to help you customize a balance-conscious craft to support an empowered and deeply rooted Earth-centric personal practice. We make and provide chthonically-inspired ritual tools and witchcraft supplies using the best ingredients we can source. 

All Chthonic Star-branded products are hand blended by Summer Star using 100% pure and natural ingredients. We celebrate natural alchemy, are dedicated to purity and potency, and never use synthetic ingredients or fragrances (including scents masquerading as “essential oils”).

We use organic and/or sustainably sourced herbs, oils, and resins whenever possible/financially feasible to honor both body and spirit.

We have a strong animistic environmental ethic and encourage all levels of practitioners to make environmentally friendly decisions, within their means, as often as they are able to support what we have coined  Chthonic Grounding & Full Cycle Witchcraft.