Hekate Hand Blended Incense


Embrace the shadows and mysteries guarded by Hekate, sovereign of crossroads and keeper of ancient knowledge. Whether you’re navigating liminal realms, communing with ancestral spirits, or invoking the fierce grace of feminine strength, let “Hekate” guide your journey into the realms of magick and transformation.

This hand-blended loose incense is crafted in small batches without any synthetic additives and features angelica root, dittany of Crete, rue, mullein, birch bark, dandelion root, and dragon’s blood resin (among other ingredients), paying homage to the enigmatic underworld triple moon goddess, Hekate.

Alchemical Blend:

  • Angelica Root: Channels protective energies and opens gates to divine realms.
  • Dittany of Crete: Awakens visions and sharpens psychic intuition.
  • Rue: Purifies sacred spaces and repels malevolent forces.
  • Mullein: Bridges the realms of the living and the dead, facilitating ancestral communion.
  • Birch Bark: Strengthens magical workings and anchors spiritual intent.
  • Dandelion Root: Unlocks hidden truths and fortifies resilience in spiritual quests.
  • Dragon’s Blood Resin: Empowers rituals with potent vitality and transformative energies.
  • These and other proprietary ingredients in this blend are sustainably sourced and most are organic.

Versatile Ritual Use:

Intuitively hand-blended in small batches, this incense may be ignited on charcoal to summon Hekate’s guidance, imbued into candles to empower spellcraft, or woven into spell pouches to safeguard spiritual endeavors.

Purpose and Invocation:

Crafted for practitioners of witchcraft and seekers of arcane wisdom, “Hekate” serves as a potent catalyst for rituals encompassing underworld journeying, spiritual ascension, liminal transitions, feminine empowerment, and protective enchantments. It resonates deeply with those who honor the sacred mysteries of dark goddesses and those who seek products of pure potency and intent.


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All Chthonic Star-branded products are hand blended by Summer Star using 100% pure and natural ingredients. We celebrate natural alchemy, are dedicated to purity and potency, and never use synthetic ingredients or fragrances (including scents masquerading as "essential oils"). We use organic and/or sustainably sourced herbs, oils, and resins whenever possible/financially feasible to honor both body and spirit.

Our blends are proprietary; therefore, we do not release a complete list of essential oils or herbs that are used. If you have a known allergy, please reach out and we are happy to let you know which products are free from any ingredients of concern.

Not intended for use if you are pregnant or nursing. Do not consume. Keep away from pets and children.

Chthonic Star's products are sold as curios and are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any diseases or mental conditions and should never replace any medical treatment.

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 1.5 × 1.5 × 2 in

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At Chthonic Star, our intention is to help you develop or expand your craft with balance-conscious magical tools, supplies, and education to support chthonic grounding.

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Are your products all natural?

All Chthonic Star branded items (candles, ritual bath blends, bath bombs, incense) are handmade and crafted from all natural and/or organic ingredients, free from phthalates, petroleum and parabens, fillers, synthetic dyes and chemicals (including fragrances), and are cruelty-free.

We strongly believe in the ethical stewardship and wise use of earthly resources through environmentally responsible and eco-conscious witchcraft. As such, it is important for us to improve the environmental impacts of our operations and our offerings year-to-year while helping others find ways to improve the impacts of their personal practices.

We are not here to Greenwash! Unfortunately, and frustratingly, certain items considered essential to magical practices are either unavailable in eco-conscious varieties or, when they are, become prohibitively expensive to the consumer. We strive to tackle these items one by one, finding individuals and companies who can produce sustainable versions of these products at competitive prices, and become an industry standard for how to start, grow, and/or improve the environmental footprints and handprints of pagan/occult operations and practices.

Nature is sacred and we are here to help her heal however we can!

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