Chthonic Star

We believe in the power of connection, the magic of exploration,
and honoring the energetic rhythms of spirit and place.

What is Chthonic?

Chthonic, pronounced ka-THÄnik, is based in the Greek word khthon, which means “earth” or “soil” and refers to earthly things and creatures, as well as gods, deities, or spirits, that are associated with being “under” or “beneath the earth.”

This is, literally, the underworld, rich with physical and spiritual testimonial.

Chthonic Grounding &
Full Cycle Witchcraft

Chthonic Grounding is a technique and perspective that honors the millennia of blood, bone, & ash of every creature and substance that preceded your existence. Ingredients that settled deep into the ground, ultimately reemerging recycled and transformed as eager biomass to animate & nourish your current existence. 

Full Cycle Witchcraft is a balance-conscious approach that encourages practitioners to make sustainable decisions, within their means, as often as they are able, empowering them as ever-improving responsible and respectful stewards of planetary, energetic, universal, and spiritual power.

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Primal Earth power is fueled by the blood, bone, and ash of every creature and substance that has preceded our existence. Following every life cycle, these “above the soil,” sources settle into the ground where they are recycled and transformed as eager chthonic biomass to animate and/or nourish their next vessel. The practice of Chthonic Grounding recognizes and honors the millennia of lifetimes and ingredients that animate your current existence and helps you reconnect to this enduring and humbling source of strength, wisdom, protection, and tethering. (Information and guidance about this practice is coming soon.)

We are surrounded by constant cycling as the universe and the Earth maintain balance through celestial patterns and reactions, elemental exchanges, energetic exchanges, life and death, and the cycles of the geosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, cryosphere, and biosphere. We are a product of these cycles and when we fall out of rhythm with ourselves and our surroundings, we feel lost and disconnected.

Recognizing and reconnecting to your chthonic substance, power, and completeness in a way that is sustainable to all systems around you, will also support what we call Full Cycle Witchcraft.

Full Cycle Witchcraft is a balance-conscious approach that encourages practitioners to make sustainable decisions, within their means, as often as they are able, empowering them as ever-improving responsible and respectful stewards of planetary, energetic, universal, and spiritual power.

Fostering a connection to the land and all inhabitants and viewing yourself as a part of a whole and not exceptional to the whole, will promote humility and grounding, tuning you into the natural energetic rhythms of spirit and place, expanding and super-charging your natural intuition and magical power. A willingness to listen is all it takes to connect with your surroundings, whether you’re tuning into the language of the rocks, the trees, the water, the creatures, or the stars. We are born with the innate ability to communicate or exchange information in every animistic dialect. There is no learning curve to hear the rhythms because we are born of the rhythm.

Focusing on your roots and foundation, reinforcing and grounding into that stability, you can learn to pull deeply and sustainably from chthonic nutrients and feel your harmonious connection to the world and the greater cycles of creation and existence; to connect with the natural power and protection of source, while channeling and manifesting spiritual energy and links between worlds.

I encourage you to join me in responsibly honoring the spirits of animals, plants, place, substance, and all the source-materials that are used to enhance individual spiritual, magical, and/or witchcraft practices.

What We Offer

At Chthonic Star, our intention is to help you develop or expand your craft with balance-conscious magical tools, supplies, and education to support Chthonic Grounding & Full Cycle Witchcraft.

Let us help you customize a balance-conscious craft so you can build or restore an empowered and deeply rooted foundation for your personal practice as a Universal- and Earth-conscious being.

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If you’re like me, you desire to construct your practice in whatever way is relevant, rather than follow a path that is restrictively linear and loaded with stipulations. Embrace your eclectic nature! Untamed (not to be confused with “undisciplined”) spirituality and witchcraft facilitate inspiration in, and interaction with, multiple ecosystems, universes, God-pantheons, bio-pantheons, various wisdom keepers, cultures, etc. Wherever you discover connection, inspiration, and power, and find a healthy balance within your personal ecology (physical, spiritual, energetic, and social) and with the universe, that is your focus and your true magical origin story.

The path of discovery is as mesmerizing and beautiful as it is difficult and sometimes terrifying. It requires tapping into and navigating the vulnerable depths, darkness, and shadows of the unknown. An unknown that may be shadowed by your personal and ancestral triggers and trauma, where the truest light is your own.

I am here to help and support you along this path however I can. From simply offering a smile of encouragement or if you’re seeking magical tools and supplies.

About Me – Summer Star

My given name is Summer Star, and I was born in the Black Hills of South Dakota to a mother of Slavic and Eastern-European descent and a man of Native American descent. Since birth, earth-connectedness, celestial wonder, and universal spirituality have been a part of my life. I was raised with an animistic respect for the planet, its cycles, its creatures, its spirits, and the importance of balance and harmony with the natural world. My mother took great efforts to ensure that I learned the depth and impact of our relationship to everything around us, through teachings rooted in Oglala Sioux traditions and medicine people. (To be clear, while my life experiences and various spiritual connections inform my personal practice, I do not have a tribal affiliation or registration, nor do I speak on behalf of any Native Americans.)

I have developed my own path of spirituality and magical relationships with the Earth, its creatures, spirits, deities, and other worlds and dimensions. I am not Wiccan, nor am I defined by any one specific form of practice. I am greatly inspired and influenced by Nordic animism and folklore, Icelandic magic, my experience with Oglala Lakota traditions and beliefs, Chthonic themes and deities, ceremonial magic, and anything Nature-centric or Elemental.

I learned the technical aspects of ethical earth stewardship and land use through an education in Conservation Biology, Political Science, and Forest Science with a focus on Environmental Policy. Blending this educational background with my personal practice has been one of the best “ah-ha!” moments of my life. Promoting ethical stewardship and use of our finite earthly resources through environmentally responsible and conscious witchcraft, and helping others find ways to improve the impacts of their practice, is a deep purpose of mine.

Welcome to my shop and I look forward to interacting with you!


Chthonic Star does not hold space for harmful, malicious, or self-aggrandizing practices.

The power and magic of the universe should be accessible to everyone, and we invite you, with open arms, to learn with us on this path of purpose.


Get answers to some of the questions you might have along the way.

Why shop at Chthonic Star?

At Chthonic Star, our intention is to help you develop or expand your craft with balance-conscious magical tools, supplies, and education to support chthonic grounding.

Our goal is to encourage practitioners to make environmentally friendly decisions, within their means, as often as they are able, and empower them to be an ever-improving responsible and respectful steward of planetary, energetic, universal, and spiritual power.

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Are your products all natural?

All Chthonic Star branded items (candles, ritual bath blends, bath bombs, incense) are handmade and crafted from all natural and/or organic ingredients, free from phthalates, petroleum and parabens, fillers, synthetic dyes and chemicals (including fragrances), and are cruelty-free.

We strongly believe in the ethical stewardship and wise use of earthly resources through environmentally responsible and eco-conscious witchcraft. As such, it is important for us to improve the environmental impacts of our operations and our offerings year-to-year while helping others find ways to improve the impacts of their personal practices.

We are not here to Greenwash! Unfortunately, and frustratingly, certain items considered essential to magical practices are either unavailable in eco-conscious varieties or, when they are, become prohibitively expensive to the consumer. We strive to tackle these items one by one, finding individuals and companies who can produce sustainable versions of these products at competitive prices, and become an industry standard for how to start, grow, and/or improve the environmental footprints and handprints of pagan/occult operations and practices.

Nature is sacred and we are here to help her heal however we can!

Our Products

Do you accept product submissions or consider collaborations?

If you feel that your product, art, or company resonates with our mission, please get in touch!

We love to meet eco-inspired individuals and are always open to considering products or collaborations that align with our mission and goals.

Where are you located?

Chthonic Star is currently online-only, operating from Salem, MA. However, we are pursuing a storefront in Salem!

Stay tuned for announcements regarding a brick and mortar location.

What is your return/exchange policy?

Chthonic Star does not accept returns or exchanges for online purchases.

However, we understand that things happen and if you receive a defective or damaged item, not related to shipping, contact us at info@chthonicstar.com within five days of UPS or USPS proof of delivery so we can consider exchange or return options on a case-by-case basis. We appreciate your business, take pride in our products, and want you to be happy with your items. Please note that we will need images and/or video to support damage claims, and we will not consider claims after five days of proof of delivery.

Chthonic Star is not responsible for errors made by shipping carriers, damage due to transit, or lost or stolen packages. In these cases, it is up to the customer to file a claim with UPS or USPS directly.